Counterfeit Detector Pen
New Generation Ink
3 Pens $5.95 ea.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and simple way to detect counterfeit money, the counterfeit pen is just what you need! Used in over 200 countries, you can get your point across to counterfeiters that their bills are not worth the paper they're printed on. This counterfeit pen meets US Federal currency laws: it Does Not deface legal US currency. It is one of our most popular counterfeit money detection products. Catch counterfeit money today!

How to Identify Counterfeit Money and Catch Bleached Bills!

With such advanced anti-counterfeiting methods today it is nearly impossible for someone to create perfect counterfeit money. Although, there are quite a few good enough replications that remain in circulation before they're detected.

Many counterfeiters are now bleaching the ink off five dollar bills and turning them into hundred dollar bills. Although counterfeit detector pens have their purpose, they won't catch this type of advanced counterfeiting. However, the Cashscan 1800 and the Ultrascan 2600 will! These counterfeit detectors will verify which bills are fake by reading the iron oxide used in the black ink. If the bill is authentic a green light will appear. If the bill is fake a red light will appear.

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Watch how a man uses counterfeit money.

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Even though the video's below are shown using foreign money our counterfeit devices work primarily on domestic (U.S.) money.
How to Detect Fake ID's and Fake Checks
Click Here to see a comparison chart of our Cashscan products. All of our counterfeit money detection products are made with the highest grade components! All of our devices can detect counterfeit money from over 70 different countries.